Rooftopping BKK Ghost Tower!


On our travels in Thailand James had mentioned about an abandoned tower in Bangkok which has an amazing overview of the city once you've reached the rooftop. 
Ever since then it had been on our 'To Do' list upon arrival! 
At first i was a bit hesitant about climbing this building as James had also mentioned ".. Yeah and Mafia's guarded the building, we have to pay them to get in..", it was then when all sorts of thoughts flooded my mind and the possibility that i could die.. Yet I trusted James with my life(kinda) and hesitantly agreed on this adventure..!

How to get there:
Take the BTS to Taksin station

What to bring:
- Comfortable shoes
- Flash light
- Water

We arrived at Taksin station and straight away I’d noticed the building. 
Tall, white, slightly run down and irregular shaped, you really can't miss the building as its quite near to the BTS, also it has a massive Coco-cola Ad down the one side.
The height of the building scared me a little as I knew I will be climbing that! Plus the weather wasn’t giving me any justice as it was quite hot, luckily we went around late afternoon so it was supposedly 'cooler'.
Once we've exited the BTS there were some food stalls underneath the bridge, i had ordered stir-fried kale w/crispy pork and James had tofu pad thai, very cheap and delicious considering that it's street food.
Afterwards we headed towards the building, It wasn’t hard to find our way there or our way in. 
At this this point i was very eager to see what the view would be like once we've reached the top and had completely forgotten about the 'Mafias' James had mentioned earlier.
James was soon pleasantly approached by a man (presumingly with mafia background) and paid 200bhat(per person) entry fee. Me and James were quite astonished by the demeanor of this guy because he was very hospitable and pointed in the direction of the stairs.

(There is one thing i Must mention.. Which is to be careful of the holes on the ground!)

The interior were left unfinished, rubbles were becoming more apparent the higher you climbed and the darker the stairways became as there weren’t much light source. By the time me and James reached what we thought was the 20th floor we were getting tired, I wanted to take a break but James encouraged me to carry on and walked behind so he could accompany me at my pace (No pressure..)

Eventually we reached the rooftop!!
To both our surprise, there was a good amount of people already there! Groups of friends, photographers and a few hipsters.. I honestly thought we would’ve been the only ones there. None of the least the view was more amazing then I could imagined!

This experience had sparked up an urge to explore more roof tops! 

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