Kayaking in Hong Kong!


You could rent paddle boards and even try out windsurfing! 
They supplied life jackets (Thank god!) for people like me who aren’t so confident with swimming in the sea. Just a heads up, i believe they have a restricted amount of kayaks to rent so be sure to come earlier then 1-2pm before it starts to become more busier, also to mention remember to wear your swimsuit before you arrive to this beach as there aren’t any public toilet/changing rooms for you to use and if you want to bring snacks or drinks buy them at the stores near the bus terminal. 

Apparently this island is called "dog island" as it is inhabited by them.. I guess you could always bring food to the island to feed them as they looked underfed.. I personally believe people dump their pets here as they became troublesome to look after. 

Remember to bring:
- Snacks/ Drinks
- Sun screen

- Cash (They don't accept cards)

Do not bring any expensive personal items as they do not supply lockers.

(Photo from iphone6Plus)


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