Winter break ♡ MIA


Gosh.. It has been awhile since i posted anything!
Life in Hong Kong does take a lot of my time and i had been feeling uninspired, however... I'm currently at home in the UK so i have a bit more time to myself so i can post something up for who ever actually reads my blog haha
I've been at home for a month now~ things are really good here!
My parents was so kind to buy me a plane ticket to travel back to England so i was able to spend christmas and New years surrounded by my loud family! It feels so festive and i was happy to see everyone!
Definitely a GOOD break away from Hong Kong, i've been in HK farr too long that i take UK as granted! It has been around 3 years since i've seen a christmas tree at home!

Also! I got to meet TINTIN, my family's cat!! he is so adorable


As its now 2014 i need to get myself a organiser to start organising my work schedule and time.
Usually i would buy a cheap planner from a stationary store, but i thought i would treat myself to a filofax! I had purchased a personal filofax from ebay from a seller called All-Pens for £47.00, free postage and packaging!

Fingers cross it arrives on monday as mentioned as i will be traveling back to HK on Wednesday!

On Instagram i found loads of Filofax ideas (Which inspired me to indulge on loads of washi and fabric tape..99p from The Workshop! BARGIN!) and stumbled upon some blogs which illustrate the layout of their filofax, which i must say is very inspiring!

Here are a few blogs which presents their filofax layout (Direct links on their name):

I really CANNOT wait for my filofax to arrive! I will start getting my fingers stuck in, creating and decorating my filofax! I cannot hold my excitement down! 

What are your Filofax layout? 
Share your blog/Instagram with me by leaving your link below!
OR if you sell insert/stickers/washi tape! I will definitely check you out! 



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