Unboxing: Instax Printer!


I already own the instax point and shoot camera however the disadvantages of that item is that you don't know what the end results would be like (or a advantage if you're a bit creative), Whereas with the InstaxShare you have the choice to choose what you want to be printed out which could save you a lot of films in the long run!
(also having the power to edit an image before you print them out!!)

Before purchasing the InstaxShare i had researched online and watched many reviews and had realised a lot of the reviewers purchased this item for appox $150USD which is around $1500HKD(?) 
With that in mind whist hunting around in Mong Kok, i know that the price would fluctuate from store to store and I was very eager to find the cheapest!
My first stop was Wing Sing On which sold the device for $1480.. Then Mong Kok Commercial building (which is near the Ladies Market) selling the InstaxShare for.. $1380..
Still DETERMINED, i visited several more stores and stumbling upon Sim City (its '毒男' Galore) and after browsing around I'VE FINALLY FOUND IT! Only paying $1150 for an Korean import:

1 x Instax Printer
2 x CR123 Battery
1 x Manual 
1 x User Set Up

The disadvantage: You will need to purchase an adapter separately, the sales told me the battery was easy to purchase anywhere and can last me 2 boxes of film.

Very Easy to set up:
- You'll need find the app and install it onto your phone first.
- Turn on the Printer
- On your phone search for the Wifi which should be called "Instax.."
- And you are connected! :)

I'm seriously a geek 8-)


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