Hunt for Washi!


Images like these had brought on my addiction to Washi tapes, from then on it had snowballed out of control! (heh)

Images from Pintrest 
While i was in the UK i bought myself a fuchsia pink filofax from an Ebay seller called All-Pens for £40, originally i wanted to buy the exact same filofax from Paperchase however they sold it for £60!! Thank god i was patience enough to look for a cheaper seller.

Since being back in Hong Kong i was eager to purchase washi tape, stickers, post-it, pens and all sort of cute stationery so i can go all out on my filofax because i know Hong Kong has a large variety at a  very cheap price!
I was not certain as to where i could buy Washi tape but i just wondered into my local stationery shop with a few item on mind ..


Anddddd i came out the shop with this..

I went a bit 'Cray'.. (just a bit!)
They happened to sell these!! I was very over joyed when i saw these, however there wasn't much choices. 

$6 per roll. (HKD) These were more like sellotape 

$12 per roll (HKD) Washiiiiii!!
$10 - $12 for stickers / $22 Rilakkuma post-it (HKD)

Now i can decorate my Filofax!



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