HAUL: Sasa


Just a update about me!
I've been keeping myself busy lately since the break up with my ex. It's a good thing! in my opinion.. Just been spending more time with friends and colleagues! :) It is a great way to get over a past relationship.
A lot of my friends broke up last month.. It's seriously break up season!
Apart from the break up, the weather in Hong Kong is getting a lot more warmer i really love the summer time! :) Beaches, BBQ, Tanning and longer days!
About 2 weeks ago i went to Macau to see LMFAO live! Although it was REALLY packed to the point where people would elbow your face.. i had fun! But my body had several bruises from that night and my body ached  for about a week after the party and its not from alcohol, that party was seriously packed to the brim!

Here i am again with another Sasa haul... haha, i always have a lot to buy from Sasa!! Well not really A LOT but Sasa is THE place for beauty items!

Here are the item's i've picked up!! :)
211 - Charming.
Painted my nails really tacky.. @@
But the colour Lilac is really 'in' this season.

Brow pencil

And i picked up a old favorite perfume! I use to wear this when i was 16..
 This perfume smells VERY similar too ...

How i would describe the scent.. It reminds me of summer, Fresh, Young and floral.

Guess what this is..!!
 . . .
It's a tinted lip balm! I believe its a Korean brand..

This one is in colour 04

Nude lip
Lip with the lip balm.

 What are your recent purchases? :D



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  1. Hello, Lov3kat.

      Your exquisite work leads my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to the garden of the cherry blossoms.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good day. from Japan, ruma ❀

  2. Wow, that lip balm is really pigmented! Cute packaging :) Charming looks a lot like Revlon Gum Drop, I love pastel purple shades.

  3. @Ruma, Thank you! :)

    @Sleepandwater, Yes!! i love pastel colours! Especially purples and pinks! :P Mint is also a cute colour too! :P

  4. love the perfume and the tinted lip balm!

  5. @Arrow, Im tempted to buy more of those tinted lip balm! It has a few more other colours! :P

  6. Wow that lipbalm looks amazing!! It's so adorable and the colour looks so vibrant! xX

  7. @PinkOrchids, Its really red!! I want to try other colours!! :P But the lip gloss isn't very long lasting~ Maybe around 5 hours?