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(The shop mentioned has been closed down)

The good thing about living in Hong Kong is having the access to a wide range of goods! Everything is  accessible at whatever time you'd like!

Here i go again with my impulse purchases! I would love to share a shop with you that you could visit to purchase your craft!
This is 1 of many places for craft items such as Washi Tape (small range), scrapbooks, rubber stamps, ink, patterned paper/card, ect.
This store is located in Mong Kok (the mecca for shopping!) in a mall called CTMA center.

This mall has loads of boutiques which sells loads of cute toys, phone cases (However i recommend you to buy phone cases from the ladies market instead and remember to haggle!!), women clothes, shoes, small little bits and bobs!
Ohh polaroids! 

The craft store is located on the 2nd floor, i do not have a picture of the store itself, but it is right next door to this shop below which sells loads of figurines! (Left side of the building.)
Found this image on Foursquare

And here is my small haul! Of craft items that i had purchased!

The masking/washi tape collection in this store had a small verity but its samp collection is quite big! :)
Alphabet stamp - $99
Label stamp - $268 (very expensive in my opinon)
Ink - $59
Masking tape - $58
Washi tape - $39

(The shop mentioned has been closed down)

Separate purchases of Deco Rush which were bought from random independent stationery stores, price ranging from $41 for a set of 3, individual refills for $13/14, and the whole pen for $41.

Are you planning to travel hong kong anytime soon?

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  1. I've taken a trip to Hong Kong and loved it! There was so many cute stuff I wanted to buy and wish I could have taken home. It always shocks me how lively the streets are at night. I would definitely love to go back for a longer visit.