My Mama: Retro Style Photography


I was going though my mom’s boxes and bags of photographs, I didn’t have any particular reason to but out of the curiosity of feeling nostalgic.

 Whilst going though her photographs I realised that there was 1 photo album that was empty whilst another was only half full. I decided to help organise the photos into the albums to avoid them being damaged or creased and I realised there were mass amount of photos from when my mom was in her teens and early 20s, I realised that my mom was VERY social and was quite a fashionista! 

Something about looking at these photographs made her more relatable in the sense that she was once my age, had a bunch of friends and liked going out having fun! I know it’s common sense that my mom was once the same age as me but when I think of mom I can only summarise the memories that I remember, from the days of her looking after me and my siblings and the ‘takeaway’ life to days out to the beach with her friends and their children on her day off from work.

Something about film photographs offers which digital doesn’t.. It's probably because with film you're not able to adjust the 'perfect' image but you make the most of what you have.

That reminds me! I need to finish up my film so i can develop them and see what is on there! I haven't taken any photos since the time Hong Kong had a massive 'Occupy Central' protest! Which would be interesting to see!



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