My Vinyl Collection!


When I purchased my order of the Crosley record player I could feel a small voice within myself shouting “HIPSTER!”
(Which I’m still in denial about.. Heh!)

I’ve always been meaning to start collecting something from a young age (Stamps being one of them). I was quite intrigued with records, my first memories was seeing a turntable back at my granddad’s home however I don’t know the whereabouts of it and it might possibly been thrown out when records were substantially dying out when tapes, CD and anything portable were becoming the next ‘big thing’.

As of now that I’ve moved back to the UK from living abroad I can feel it is the ‘right time’ to start with my very own collection! I made my purchase of the Crosley record player from Amazon, it was exactly the same record players you could purchase from Urban Outfitters but it wasn’t AS expensive. I bought mine about £12 cheaper then Urban Outfitters!
Before making the purchase, i know that record collecting can be/would be an expensive investment depending on your taste of music and if you're smart and savvy you can pick up bargains! 

My (Mini) collection: 

My awesome collection of old music.
1. Ella and Louis: Again (no.1) / 2. Ella Fitzgerald: Sings The Duke Ellington / 3. Ella Fitzgerald: The Incomparable Ella / 4. Ray Charles: A Portrait Of Ray / 5. Etta James: At Last / 6. Nat King Cole: LOVE / 7. Frank Sinatra: All The Way / 8. Elvis: Love Songs / 9. Lionel Riche: Can't Slow Down / 10. The Beatles: 1967-1970 / 11. ABBA: Greatest Hits Vol. 2   

My collection of modern music.
1. Years & Years:Communion / 2. Norah Jones: Come Away With Me / 3. Amy Winehouse: Back To Back / 4. Imagine Dragons: Night Visions / 5. Yeah Yeah Yeah: It's Blitz!

Where i purchase:
I'm still hunting for more places that sells Vinyl’s within Birmingham.

The very first place i had visited to purchase my vinyl’s, they sell 2nd hand Vinyl’s for VERY cheap i lose track of time at every visit because i get lost rummaging though their collections.
They have a lot of classical, pop, reggae, sound tracks, rock n roll, niche and more.  

I've picked up about 90% of my vinyl’s from there, price ranging from 50p - £15. The collections of music they have is very wide, mostly music from the early 90's and earlier.  
I brought my friend with me on one of my trips and he Loved it!

Not ideally the place to always purchase your music, but they do have a great selection of modern music which is rare to find in 2nd hand stores. 
I've picked up 3 vinyl's from here, Years & Years: Communion , Norah Jones: Come Away With Me and Yeah Yeah Yeah: It's Blitz!
I believe they are currently doing a deal on the website, 2 for £15 which isn't too bad!

I haven't purchased any Vinyls on Amazon but sometime i see fairly good deals in comparison to HMV(Or vice versa) and you can find music which you can't in-stores! 

Something you may be interested in:

Create your own record:

I haven't subscribed to the links below but it is something i will look into, especially if i want to broaden  my knowledge into indie music! 

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