Discounted Designer makeup! Where..!?


Bare Minerals: eyeshadow pallet / Stila:  foundation & lip gloss
I was in TK Maxx one of the days when i stumbled upon the make-up section!
Yeah, the make-up section! Who would've known that they had started selling make-up, unless i never had noticed before?

So if you don't know what TK Maxx is, it’s a store which sells discounted designer items such as clothing, shoes, furniture, gardening tools, books, stationary, basically a mish mash of ‘necessities’.
So the make-up section isn’t partially clean, you will see opened pots and items which had been tested or used, but if you’re lucky enough you will find items hidden away which still has the seal on them (If you're lucky!) and that is what I had found!
I'm very hesitant when it comes to purchasing items when hygiene is concerned, however seeing that the items were sealed were comforting enough for me to make the purchase of these 3!    

1. Stila: Illuminating liquid foundation (Shade: 30watts).
They only had this shade for sale and luckily it was a great match when i tried it at home, i bought this on a whim hoping it will match my skin tone and if not i could easily mix this with my other foundations to create the perfect match, which i didn't need to!
I believe i purchased this for about £7.99 And it is honestly one of the best foundation i've used. It gave me a natural glow which i LOVE!

Price: £7.99 (what a steal!)


2. Bare Minerals: Eyeshadow pallet ('The Modern Icon')
Beautiful everyday colours which is buildable to create a simple day look to evening from the one pallet. 
And i just realised that this pallet is a limited edition! I only just noticed when i searched online to see what the retail price was..! My jaws just literally dropped! 
Without being bias, i loved this pallet prior to knowing that this is a limited edition! I use this more or less everyday along with my Urban Decay Naked pallet. 

Price: (Approximately) £5.99 or 6.99.

3. Stila: Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss (Shade: Melon Vinyl)
This is such a beautiful colour! It is a very vibrant coral red and as described in its name it really does stay on all day HOWEVER, this gloss is very sticky and from experience i have applied this on top of my moisturised dry lips.. throughout the day the lip gloss clumps up and i end up having loads of bits stuck on my lips which is very disgusting.

Price: (Approximately) £3.99



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