Trekking Mount Snowdon


Me and Ash had recently visited Llamberis which is in North Wales to climb Mount Snowdon (which is the highest mountain in Wales!)

We booked our stay at a guest house called Glyn Peris which was about 10-15minutes walk away from the town centre where the bus would take us to the Pen-y-pass route.
On the day of the hike there were around 7 other hikers waiting for the bus with us and a few more boarding on later on the way, a lot more than i would have imagined!

What i wore:
- Trekking shoes (for ankle support!)
- Wind and Waterproof lightweight jacket
- Lightweight waterproof packable backpack
- Trekking socks (extra cushioning and to stop my shoes rubbing on my ankle)
- Leggings
- Sports bra
- Sport tank top
- Fleece jacket

I had also brought a wooly hat and gloves which i only wore when reaching the summit.
My advice is to layer up! And the common knowledge of wearing something comfortable and not restricting!

Things we took:
- Water
- Small first aid pouch
- Map
- Battery pack
- Food (sandwich, fruit, gummy bear and chocolate)
- A bit of cash (To buy food/drinks at the cafe on the summit or if needed to take any sort of transportation back)

The weather was perfect on the day! Clear sky with cloudy intervals later in the afternoon.
I didn't expected the paths would be quite as rocky as it was! Luckily i did purchase trekking shoes as they gave me great support on my ankles as the track was very bumpy.
We decided to take the Pyg track instead of Crib Goch.. It just didn't seemed appealing to me at the time after hearing story's about a lot of death occurring on that route..

Here are some snaps taken from the trek :)

View from the Summit

Route down towards Llanberis

Free roaming sheep!

Reaching the summit of Snowdon was amazing!
Surprisingly there were a lot of people also on the summit with us considering that it was a weekday, also to mention there is an option for people to take a train up to the summit.
Upon arrival to my relief there was a small cafe as i was then able to have my toilet break!!
We stayed on the summit for what seemed like a long while before making our way down the Llamberis route towards the town we were staying at.
Overall we covered about 13miles and boy… my legs felt like it had been knotted and torn.

However i would LOVE to visit Wales again in the future and see what else England has to offer!

Are there any hikes you would recommend or places to visit?



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