The Body Shop: Moisturising your skin for winter!


The Body Shop: 1. Moisture Serum / 2. Overnight Serum-In-Oil / 3.Face Mist / 4. Pink Grapefruit Hand cream 

Did any of you guys catch the snow the other night?!
I was so excited!! But that was short lived as it only snowed for a few minutes before it slowly diminished and melted all away :(

As the weather is changing and the temperature is dropped i realised the other day when I woke up my skin felt really tight and dry. Although every night in routine i would moisturise how i would usually and i knew that my regular routine wasn't doing the job anymore.
Also to mention when i finish applying my makeup the finishing powder would emphases the dryness on my skin and i would notice visible dry patches!

To find the solution that I am hoping for, i made a visit to The Body Shop and picked up a few items!
Originally i had chosen the Moisture Serum and the Face Mist.. but then the lady at the cashier said it was a 3for2 deal! So i threw in the Overnight Serum-in-oil in conjunction with the previous 2 items and ended up saving £9.50!! (Whooohoo!)

1. Moisture Serum, £13.00
The consistency of this serum wasn't what i had expected when i tested it in-store, it was a lot more watery then what i had expected but once massaged into my skin it dramatically looked and felt very supple and instantly gave it more life!
It has a very light scent which reminds me of a flower which I'm not too keen on.

2.  Overnight Serum-in-oil,  £15.00
I had one concern about this item when i tested it in-store.. and that was that this product is oil.
BECAUSE i am scared that if i was to use any oil products on my skin i would break out and although my skin isn't very prone to breakouts i just didn't want to risk it. Which didn't persuade me to pick up the item until i got to check out (All in the name of grabbing a deal and saving!). 
However whist leaving the store and carrying on with my day, i noticed that the oil absorbed into my skin fairly quickly and leaving minimal residue.
I do look forward in seeing the results of using this after a few days/weeks and see the results! 
Ha! I'll let you know if i have any breakouts!! 

3. Face Mist, £9.50
So this is the item i ended up getting for free with the 3for2 deal!
As mentioned before about how i noticed my dry patchy skin(How 'flattering'..) when i used my finishing powder and how emphasised it, i thought that this item would be great as it acts as a setting spray as well as refreshing and moisturising.
I reckon it would be really handy to carry in my bag in times of need!

4. Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream, £4.00
I can't really say much about this product as i've yet to use this, but it does indeed smells great! 
i just hope it will moisturise my cuticles as it had been really dry recently too.

I haven't used many of The Body Shop products before but i do have high hopes in the items mentioned in this post!
Have you used any of the The Body Shop products before that you would recommend? Let me know! :))



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