Winter Essentials


Now that the weather is officially starting to feel like it's transitioning into winter here in Hong Kong, I would love to share with you My winter essentials!

 If you are familiar with HK, you may notice that everywhere you go the air conditioner is turned UP! Full blast.. No matter if its Spring, Summer , Autumn or winter (Full blast all day. Everyday!).

The effects of the AC can be really drying on my skin, so these are the products which i have been using to help maintain the moisture in my skin:


1. Mineralize-Moisture-SPF15 Foundation . Fix +

I had only recently started using these products, however i can tell a significant change.
Usually by the end of the office day i can feel the tightness of my skin around my cheek area, i believe it was due to the reason that the AC was sucking my skin dry of what little left of moisture there was..
Prior to using M.A.C, I did use a BB cream which is infused with moisturizing ingredients.. However it wasn't as great of an impact. (I do believe there was some drugstore product which are better then luxury)

After using these two M.A.C combo.. I don't think i can go back to using the BB cream.

2. Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-SPF-30
Orrrr this could've been the reason why my skin had been feeling more supple (in a non greasy way), in combination with the products i had mentioned above.

3. Sugar tulip tinted lip treatment sunscreen spf-15 . Sugar lip treatment advanced therapy
MOST MOISURISING LIP BALM EVER. SeriouslyVery rich and long lasting.
I bought a tinted pink and a translucent balm from Fresh, these where my first ever purchase from the brand (as well as the lychee body cream which wasn't as good as i thought) I'm seriously in love!

The scent reminds of the Refreshers sweets in England which is quite nostalgic to me (Do anyone remembers these sweets!?)
One of my pet peeves are when my lips are so dry and i have nothing to use to moisturise them.. so i would start licking my lips which makes them even more dry… These balms keeps my lips well conditioned for long periods therefore a well deserved spot on my winter essentials.

What are your Winter must have?

With love,

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