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16th of August 
 I visited 2 rescue center to see if could find an ideal dog to adopt! :)
But the dogs i wanted were either adopted or too aggressive or either too large in size.
I didn't wanted a large dog as i've already have one at home.. Also I worry about the cost of travel, for example to the vets as it would be troublesome in Hong Kong.. And where i live(middle of nowhere) there are no taxi stand..
I started to have doubts about owning a dog and all the responsibility and cost that comes with it..
So i was very hesitant about owning a dog, because it will be me who has to pay for the fee's
and thought maybe its best i don't own one.
.Few weeks later..
On my way home.. I've found a small stray dog..
Full story on my previous post!
Stray dog post here! )


M O V I N G  O N ~
I've brought some beauty products awhile ago!
And only had time today to share with you.. =="
The positive side is that i did use these item's so i can give you more feedback on each product!

The Face Shop: Lovely ME:EX Honey bb cream
My first impression
It smells nice! Nice bottle! Cute illustration! :)
Happy me!..
But when it comes to the product itself... It's not bad!
The texture of the BB cream is like mousse! I thought it was liquid. But i don't mind either consistency, so I'm not bothered about it.
 Once blended, it is an light to medium coverage. But it does feel a bit heavy on my face.
Once oxidised the colour matched my skin tone! I would have been upset if it didn't match me! As this IS the only shade they offer.. (Well, the only one shade i saw)
But the one thing i DO NOT like about this foundation is that it leaves my face shiny!
Even when i set it with powder, it still has a sheen..
But it's not bad! :)

Will i buy this product again?
I think i will keep trying to find 'that' perfect foundation! :)


MY definition of perfect is:
- Light to medium coverage.
- Match my skin tone.
- Easy to work with.
- Dewy glow.
- Liquid form.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  

Lip Stain.
I always believe that adding a lip colour will make your face look more bright and less dull.
It doesn't have to be a dark or very bright prominent colour, but a simple natural pink is fine. And i believe it will make you look more lively.

So i brought a lip stain.. As i guess it will be more long lasting!
And i never tried a lip stain before! So this is my first time :)

First impressions
The colour is gorgeous! Felt tip application? Wow! It smells nice too! (^___^)
The colour pigment is nice and buildable too! But the felt tip application is a bit awkward.. I really feel like I'm painting my lips with a crayola.. Good thing is that i can really colour the corners of my lips with the pointed tip and shape my cupids bow.
And as i thought, it is long lasting! Possibly around +6 hours.

I would actually buy again! And other colours too! :)
They had quite a few other colours.

Swatch below on the left.

^ Swatch on the above image ^
I don't really buy much lipgloss, as i hate it when my hair gets stuck onto my lips... =="
I don't really have much to say about first impression on this item as i don't really use it.

But here is what i have to say..

First impression.
Smells like medicine..  Not as sticky as i would have thought.
The colour pigment is nice :) 
But i wouldn't buy this product again, just because I'm not really a fan on lipglosses.


Dolly Wink eyelashes BY Tsubasa Masuwaka.
I've chosen one of the most natural lashes in her range. 
I can already here people saying: "Then why would you want to choose natural lashes? Why don't you just go natural"

being asian.. we don't have the naturally long lashes. And wearing some which are natural but longer in length, does make the difference! 

I have haven't had or found the time to wear these beautiful lashes!
But if i do i guess i will post on my instagram


Lioele Pink Brush

The first stippling brush i own!
I never knew Lioele had a brush range, did you?
But they only had a few.. There were basic everyday ones such  as flat top(i think if i can recall), fluffy paddle brush and face powder brush and i few others(?)
I like the outlook of the brush! And the pink wooden glossed over handle, and its a good size to grip! 

First impression 
Cute outlook, so SOFT! But when i first used the brush a bit of the bristles would fall out.
But i guess this is normal, my MAC150 brush also shed.
So it doesn't really matter how much you brought them for, brushes will shed.. (in my case)

I used this brush with my new foundation, Honey BB(The first image on this post)
I have to say it's not bad!
The only down side is.. You'll need to take more time to blend as it does makes streak marks..
Overall not bad! :)

(I brought all these items from ColourMix)

What are you fav lip stains? Or tinted lip balm?
I've been on a tinted lip craze!




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  1. i actualy understand what you mean by you don't want a large dog in Hong Kong. It's acutally so inconvenient!

    Also, the packaging of honey BB is so cute!!!

    and yea, i didnt know lioele had a brush line such as that either!

  2. I wish i could get my hands on asian products! But i just cant justify the extremely expensive shipping costs! I use Nivea's guava lipbalm which is very pigmented :)

  3. :P Maybe i will do a giveaway in the future which will include asia products, since i know it is really hard to buy in europe.. When i was still in England, i couldn't any asian products at all. :/

    Thanks! I will try out Nivea's lip balm! I love the smell of guava!! :p