NAIL ART: Night. Melty. Tribal Gel Nails


I don't want to give up my passion for nail art!

Having people to compete with, share experience and interest with can push myself to doing more.
Thats what i believe.

MY original plan was to head back to england after my nail course in Hong Kong, but unexpected things happened! (Nothing bad, don't worry!)
So I'm just trying to find a full-time job to support myself and create a stable future, but in the process i feel like my passion for nail art, becoming a nail tech, owning my own store and everything that goes along with my dreams & hopes are drifting further away..! @@ 

Sad times.

But when i have time to myself, i LOVE doing creative things!
And these are some designs i've created in the 2days i've been off work! :)

Which one out of the 3 is your favorite?
I personally love the tribal pattern one! Since it was the hardest! As i had to improvised on the pattern and had to be creative!

Here are some update pictures of  brother's dog :)

MiuMiu always love relaxing by the door while staring outside :)

Happy Mid - Autumn festival!



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