Hooded eyelids Problems


The KOJI eyelash curler is one of my favourite lash curlers I've ever used along side with the Shu Uemura (as a back up).
As an Asian my eyelids are hooded and more puffy, regular lash curlers would sometime pinch my eyelid which can become really annoying and painful..
Most lash curlers I've used are always too curved for my eyelid shape until i started using The Koji Lash curler and the S.U.
I never noticed this myself until a friend of mine pointed out that not all lash curlers are shaped the same.
The Koji and S.U lash curler are less curved which doesn't pinch me at all and since its more fitted for my eye shape it really catch all the lashes!

Over time the rubber part of the curler will become over used, and i hate having to throw out my curler when i know its not broken and it feels such a waste!
Only recently had i stumbled across the rubber refills being sold in Bonjour!! No doubt did i bought them instantly, plus they were only sold for $8HKD with 4 in a pack!!
(Why hadn't i known earlier! I could have saved those Lash curlers!)

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